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PFP host 11th annual UK Tax Investigation Conference

On Thursday 7 October 2021, PFP held its 11th annual UK Tax Investigation Conference (UKTIC). Due to COVID-19 we once again decided to hold the event online. Following the success of last year’s online event, we hosted a unique digital event that was at the forefront of technology, filmed and streamed live to attendees on an interactive platform. 

Many thanks to all 300 delegates that registered this year! Delegates would have been expecting to benefit from an event of expert insight, practical and topical presentations minus the usual networking opportunities. Last year’s event set a high standard and this year’s speakers certainly delivered! The attending delegates got all of this plus a lot more.

With some of the UK's leading names in tax and HMRC investigations presenting in a variety of methods, fully embracing the technology and the unique platform available. The conference not only illustrates why PFP is the UK's leading Fee protection insurance provider, but also demonstrates the lengths that PFP go to deliver innovation across the board.

The conference was chaired by PFP's Managing Director, Kevin Igoe, who is one of the UK's most respected names in the world of Tax Investigations. Hosting a live interactive Q&A session with speakers and a second live Q&A with a Janet Alexander and colleagues from HMRC that really brought the conference to life. 
Some would say ‘tax is dull’ but on this occasion PFP and the speakers alike pulled together presentations that varied from role plays, case studies and audience engagement that kept everyone tuned in and engaged.
Taking the plunge once again to host our premier event online has turned out to be a huge success. Undoubtedly some delegates missed the networking opportunities, but all appreciated the expert knowledge shared at the comfort of their PC on a unique platform allowing them to interact with each other and the speakers. With many facing ‘webinar burnout’ in recent months PFP stayed true to the vision at the outset of not hosting just another webinar or zoom call!

PFP are market leaders in the world of Fee Protection/Tax Investigation Insurance, offering the most robust policies and innovative solutions to accountants and UK businesses. What really makes PFP stand out from the crowd is their knowledge and expertise in dealing with HMRC investigations and helping clients when they need it the most. At PFP they don't just write policies, they add value in so many ways.

We are already well underway preparing for next year's conference, a tough decision lies ahead in an everchanging working environment, digital or physical event?