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We know how important it is to provide your clients with accurate and up to date advice. HMRC’s practices are continuously changing but with PFP you can relax knowing we will provide you with all the information you need.

  • Learn
    PFP provides the industry’s best tax investigation learning and development opportunities with webinars, seminars and events
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    Gain CPD points at no extra cost with our highly informative monthly webinars which are perfect for all employees
  • Network
    Grow your connections and access some of the most prominent professionals in the tax investigation sector
  • Peace of mind
    You can relax knowing we will always provide you up-to-date information

PFP has been a leader in tax investigation training and support for 30 years. Our comprehensive programme of CPD webinars, seminars and events is highly regarded by many of the UK’s top accountancy firms. Just like our transformational marketing support, all our training and support is entirely complimentary.

Our training services include

CPD webinars

An ideal learning opportunity for all your staff, our monthly webinars provide a convenient way of keeping up to date with the latest HMRC changes while earning extra CPD points. As well as being highly informative, we are proud our webinars regularly feature many of the leading names in UK tax investigations. Our recent topics have included closing in on HMRC tax evasion, the latest approach to HMRC compliance, working with HMRC tax agents and cross-border VAT changes.

Local seminars and networking events

Our calendar of local seminars and networking events complements our webinars and provides the opportunity to grow your professional connections, gain access to leading speakers and stay informed on the latest developments in tax investigation. Our member firms tell us they value the practical face-to-face advice these events provide for managing tax investigations and enquiries.

UK Tax Investigations Conference

Enter text for collapsible section here. PFP is proud to be the company behind the highly regarded UK Tax Investigations Conference, held every year at the ICAEW in London. Around 300 accountants attend this one-day event, which has featured keynote speakers including Dave Hartnett, Edward Troup and Lin Homer, Chief Executive of HMRC.

The conference explores HMRC’s varying approaches and how they can affect your clients. It also advises on the best way to handle HMRC compliance initiatives – including real-life case studies from expert speakers and leading accountancy professionals.

PFP members enjoy first come first served access to discounted tickets for this popular event.

Monthly tax update

Our monthly tax update is delivered direct to your inbox and will keep you up to date on all the latest HMRC policy changes and initiatives.

UK Tax Investigations Leader Group

When you become a PFP member we will invite you to join the UK Tax Investigations Leader Group. This 1000-strong LinkedIn group enables accountants to network and share tax investigation issues.