Stay ahead with PFP’s expert tax training and education

PFP is proud to provide the industry’s best tax related learning and development opportunities. We are a trusted source of information for 10 of the UK’s top 20 accountancy firms as well as thousands of small- and medium-sized practices. 

HMRC’s practices are continuously changing but with PFP you can be confident we will give you with all the information you need to provide your clients with accurate and up to date advice. Our training and development programme comprises highly regarded webinars, seminars, newsletters and events. We are also proud to run the UK’s biggest and most influential conference on tax investigations in the UK.

Our complimentary training 

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) webinars Keep up to date with the latest HMRC changes while earning extra CPD points with our convenient webinars
  • Local seminars and networking Grow your professional connections, gain access to leading speakers and be informed on the latest developments
  • UK Tax Investigations Conference As the UK’s biggest tax event, our UK Tax Investigations Conference explores HMRC’s varying approaches and how they can affect your clients
  • Regular monthly tax update Delivered direct to your inbox to keep you up to date on all the latest HMRC policy changes and initiatives

Benefits of our expert tax training and education

Our comprehensive programme of complimentary CPD webinars, seminars and events is highly regarded by many of the UK’s top accountancy firms.

  • Keep up to date with the latest HMRC practices
  • Gain CPD points with our highly informative webinars
  • Provide valuable opportunities for employees to learn and develop
  • Connect with some of the tax investigation sector’s most prominent professionals
  • Network and share tax investigation issues with other accountants
  • Attend regular local and national events

We can also provide bespoke training packages to meet specific workforce requirements.